Do you want to get new customers from Gifts and Tourism?

Get the opportunity to have more visibility on Digital networks, Physical shops, and Company Committees... For FREE! 

Become a Box4u partner and integrate our gift boxes catalogs!


1. What is Box4u?


Box4u is a unique way to make gifts and discover new places.

Each box has different prices and contents :

  • 1 high-quality catalog with fully offers
  • 1 unique voucher to present.
  • Gifts QR codes destinated to send you our memberships community.

... and NO, it's NOT a gift card! And NO, it's not a coupon or a reduction!


2. Where can we buy those gift boxes?



Box4u is distributed in 3 different way :

  1. Physical : In supermakets, Malls, Resellers, Hotels. and Pharms.
  2. Digital : E-shops, Facebook, Instagram, marketplaces, Google shopping, Amazon.
  3. B2B : With Human Ressources, private and public companies, partneships.


3. Who can be a Box4u partner ?



Each company that offers an experience to share !

Spas, Restaurants, Hotels, Adventure, Sports, Courses, Gaming and more.


4. How does it work ?

  1. Choose one box related to your activity.
  2. Create your voucher.
  3. You don't need to make any reduction.
  4. We will manage advertising and distribution. No investment from you !
  5. You manage your reservations according to your availability.
  6. We only take a commission on a customer that comes to you with a voucher, not on QR codes.


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Ask for a representative:

03 687 12 28

058-490 46 37

and get an appointment to understand this unique concept in Israel.